Jeff Larson

Primary Therapist jlarson@vistatc.com

Jeff has worked as a therapist with youth and young adults since 2002. Jeff completed internships as a therapist for Valley Mental Health's Adolescent Day Care Unit and Wasatch Youth Support Systems. He worked as a co-therapist for Second Nature Wilderness Program prior to taking a full time position at Wasatch Youth Support Systems. He then became the Program Manager for the Intensive Outpatient Program. During this time, Jeff worked as a contract therapist with Life Matters Counseling and as a Substance Abuse and Mental Health evaluator for court referred youth. Jeff transitioned from Youth Support Systems and went to work for Avalon Health Care, Inc. as the Department Head of Social Services. After a successful year in health care he returned to his passion by taking a job at Vista. Jeff has been working for Vista's young adult program Vista Counseling Services since 2007. Jeff has years of experiencing and success working with the young adult population. He focuses heavy on the therapeutic alliance which is evidenced by relationships he maintains with clients and families well beyond their time at Vista. Jeff's therapeutic focus extends well past the traditional office meeting. He is well versed with all local colleges and guidance staff. He collaborates regularly with local service and employment organizations. He is excellent and helping his "kids" (clients) push through the obstacles that have been hindering progression into adulthood. He has experience working with many issues facing today's young adults including substance abuse, behavioral problems, mood and anxiety disorders, self-esteem issues, trauma and abuse, personality disorders, family discord, bereavement, and identity issues.

Jeff enjoys running, playing basketball, snowboarding, and spending time with his three daughters.