Testimonials from former clients

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Testimonial from a former client

I've been working with PJ as a therapist for over two years now and there are quite a few great things I can say about him. When it comes to the academic and intellectual aspects of therapy, PJ has all the qualifications and credentials you could ask for. However, what I think really sets him apart is how he strives to achieve real interpersonal connections and takes a very active interest in what's going on in my life. One of the things I've struggled with is social engagement and there have been so many times when he's called or texted me to remind me to go to an event I mentioned, or to check up and see how something went. He has also been a mentor and motivator for me, which has been huge as someone who struggles with having “activation energy” sometimes. One anecdote which exemplifies this is when I was brand new to the program, PJ knew of a job I might like that he knew was hiring. I was waffling a bit, saying I'd call them later in the week, but he just picked up the phone and dialed the number and thrust the receiver into my hand. That's how I got a job less than one week into the program. It hasn't always been an easy road - PJ has certainly helped push me outside of my comfort zone many times. But I can safely say that I am in a much better place than when I first started the program and working with PJ.



Testimonial from a former family

Danielle came highly recommended nine months ago by our consultant to be our son's therapist. We worried how someone would understand and be able to work through challenging times with him. Danielle has amazed us from day one with how well she understood our son. She was professional and very organized with excellent communication skills. She always knew when and what to say and how to handle each session whether it be individual or family calls.

      Danielle is compassionate and genuinely cares about our son. She is giving of her time no matter what need arises. Her temperament is calm and deliberate. She is direct and as honest as they come. Sometimes our son would shut down during family calls and Danielle always knew how to engage him back into the conversation ending on an upbeat and positive note.

     Our son is so fortunate to have crossed paths with Danielle. She has made such a positive impact on our son's time at Vista.  Our family will always be eternally grateful for the insight and compassion she has for other's. Vista was a great choice for our son and they are very fortunate to have Danielle as part of they're family.



Testimonial from a former client

The only way to start this sentiment is by saying plain and clear that without PJ Mannion, with the help of the rest of the therapy team and staff, I would not be here. If somehow I made it through, I wouldn’t be close to a facsimile of the man I am today. When it all comes down to it I can say with certainty that this program saved my life. After approximately two years of the “best intensive therapy money can buy”, nothing had clicked. I did not care about sobriety, I did not care who I was, I didn't have an identity I was proud of, I lied constantly, and I wouldn’t talk to my parents. When I went to VCS, I was planning on staying one or two months, my family needed to put me to transition before college, by the end of that first month, I knew I had to stay. I knew PJ was the person I needed, even though I would never have admitted it out loud. He showed me what I had become in a way no one had before. Instead of telling me what was wrong with me, quoting the DSM or speaking to me like a child, he challenged my every decision and allowed me to figure out what I needed to do. The first step to solving any problem is recognizing that there is one, PJ helped me do that. Whether it was a drive for sobriety or an effort to recreate myself into someone I could be proud of, PJ let me figure it out. He’s more than a therapist, he's a guide, a mentor, and someone who will genuinely care. He wants his clients to succeed. He's willing to tell you when its time to really think, and if you wont, he'll push you until you do. I thought I would never talk to my parents again, I call my mom every other day and speak to my father around the same. I hadn’t told my mother I loved her since I was like 16, now I call back to make sure she knows it if I forget. This program works, this program has the ability to transform even the most stubborn of individuals, it is an ecosystem any addict or person suffering from mental disabilities would be lucky to be a part of. It’s as simple yet as complex as that, no other way to put it.


Testimonial from a former client

Graduating from Vista 3 years ago was a much more emotional process than I had ever imagined it would be. Going into treatment was a scary process and I told myself that I would not get close to anyone, I was there to help myself and that was all... I was completely wrong.

Through the process of helping myself and breaking old habits, I grew close to the staff. As I was healing and bettering myself my mentor, Jason, really pushed me to become a better person and challenged me and my old ways. Through the new habits I learned from him, I also developed a friendship I never thought would happen. I learned a lot about life, what's important and how to be a good human from Jason. He was a great support to me and my family. I even developed a good friendship with his family.

Jason really made the transition to vista and a better life an easier process.

I was very excited to hear that Jason was going back to school and taking on a new role at Vista because I knew he would make a great therapist.

Thank you Jason for always believing in me and pushing me to be a happier and healthier person!