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Vista Counseling Services is a young adult transition program that provides clinical support and structure... without confinement. VCS helps young adults successfully balance college, employment, and healthy relationships in a normalized community setting.


Watch a short video to see some of the therapeutic and academic services VCS offers.


Individualized Approach

VCS recognizes that young adults are unique in their strengths and challenges, and that each person can achieve their own particular balance of independence and obligations. For this reason, one of the main focuses of the program is to identify and acquire that healthy and productive - yet individualized - balance in school, work, recreation, and other interests. There is no “one-size-fits-all” plan for young adult life.

Robust Support

A young adult can truly learn and grow when given opportunities to make real-life decisions and to handle real-life consequences, whether they be positive or negative. VCS facilitates this process by providing a high level of clinical support and availability of services, but in an environment of increased independence. The student’s autonomy is the key to their growth and confidence.

VCS employs a full-time psychiatrist, graduate-level therapists, and a host of other administrative staff and young adult mentors. Together they create a strong, integrated network of professional experience and constant support.

True transition

Many young adult programs involve a therapeutic model of high containment in order to emphasize safety from real-world harms and distractions. While this is beneficial for the purposes of shielding a student from risk, it is also potentially harmful in its tendency to limit important learning opportunities for young adults that wish to function at a more independent level. By participating in a 3-phase system of progression during a period of 9 months, VCS clients are able to work at an individual pace through new levels of independence and responsibility.

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Academic Support:

Education is a fundamental component of Vista Counseling Services. Paired with our focus on learning how to live independently, we aims to help students create an individualized plan for academic success.  Salt Lake City is home to exceptional academic institutions which provide for personal growth, development of real life skills, and expansion of one’s horizon.

We offer these services to all students:

  • Individualized executive functioning support (organizing tasks, creating lists, taking things one step at a time)
  • Learning style assessments
  • Computer lab assistance
  • Course syllabus review and tracking
  • Open space study hours

  • College application assistance

  • Career planning services

  • Emotion regulation as practiced through Dialectical Behavior Therapy

  • Independent Life Skills classes focused on executive functioning skill sets


independent Living

Learning to maintain a healthy home is one way VCS students practice personal accountability, learn to navigate conflict with others, and become part of a community


Meet the Team

After approximately two years of the “best intensive therapy money can buy”, nothing had clicked. I did not care about sobriety, I did not care who I was, I didn’t have an identity I was proud of, I lied constantly, and I wouldn’t talk to my parents. When I went to VCS, I was planning on staying one or two months, my family needed to put me to transition before college, by the end of that first month, I knew I had to stay. I knew PJ was the person I needed, even though I would never have admitted it out loud.
— S.
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VCS Location

  • 7 ski resorts within 30 minutes of downtown Salt Lake City

  • 5 national parks in Utah

  • International Airport within 20 minutes of downtown Salt Lake City

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statisitcs, Salt Lake City has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation at 3.1%



Please Contact with any additional questions:

Raymond Archuleta, Admissions Director, MSW, CSW

Emilia Kotter, Admissions Coordinator

PJ Mannion, Clinical Director, MSW, LCSW